Checking in with Our Warriors of Hope

Checking in with Our Warriors of Hope

Being a Warrior of Hope

Wow. Anyone else feel like they've been sucker-punched? Honest to goodness, we feel like we are staggering to our feet, a bit dazed and confused by everything that's been going on. Less than two weeks ago, we were in beautiful Savannah, GA, at the National Youth At-Risk Conference enjoying one of our favorite things: Being with people! And now here we are.

Ever noticed that in the worst of times, we seem to see the best in people? We've seen it in our community already. Different eateries are providing grab-n-go lunches for students who depend on meals at school. Other organizations are offering creative online outlets for kids to have some interesting experiences (our girls have been watching a live stream from the Cincinnati Zoo!).

Warriors of Hope...we see you, too. We see you scrambling to figure out how to still connect with "your kids" and to quickly develop alternative pathways for teaching. We see you feeling your own big feelings over the loss of normal routines you know some of your kids depend on as predictable and safe. We see you grieving for the seniors, the students involved in extracurriculars, the ones who will struggle without community. One state just posted the closure of school for the remainder of the year, and someone commented, "I understand, but I didn't even get to say goodbye."

We see you, and we are feeling it, too. We are trying to figure out how to meet the needs of our Warriors right now, and it's hard. We've had some virtual things in place for a few years now, and if you read our email awhile back, we mentioned that we've been working on a membership site as a source of ongoing virtual support, but we confess: Our preference has always been real, in-person human interaction. But here we are, so as we continue to put the finishing touches on the membership site, we'd like to share a couple of options if you are looking for some support/resources for yourselves or your teams during this time:

Discount Offer: $200 off Online SEL Course (graduate credit available as add-on)

Our National Wounded Student Certificate Course is regularly $299. We would like to make it available at a discounted rate of $99 for people who are looking to get some hours or a graduate credit accomplished during this unprecedented time in history (graduate credit is an optional add-on through MVNU for an additional $175). The only item needed for the course is the book 7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students, which is available as an e-book if you'd like to get started immediately. You can order the book through THIS LINK  using code HEN17 to receive a discount (please click the button below to register for the course). You can also CLICK HERE  for a course syllabus. We've had some folks contact us already about doing this course as a team; we have a wonderful group project option that could serve two purposes: 1) Create a resource for implementation upon the return to normal and 2) Allow for some connection with your colleagues that feels productive. Our desire for this course has always been that it be a springboard to action and not just busy work, so feel free to reply to this email with any questions you have about enrolling a group or the group project option.



Personal Reflection or Virtual Book Study

As we shared previously, our book was released in February. This book is unique in that it includes "Reading, Reflection, & Discussion Points" at the end of every chapter so it can be used individually or for groups. Our heart for this book was to support educators through a journey of self-reflection with an understanding of how one's personal trauma or exposure to secondary trauma can sabotage any attempts at self-care. Armed with that understanding, this book moves into two chapters full of personal and professional self-care strategies. The publisher provided us a discount code to share: IRK69 for 20% off the list price.





We'd Love to Hear from You

Seriously, we would really love to hear from you. You can respond HERE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE. Let us know anything from what would be helpful right now to what you might like to see in a membership site (resources, topics for webinars or podcasts, virtual training) to preferences for in-person workshops (time of year, one day or two). If you'd like to literally hear our hearts about Hope 4 The Wounded, we invite you to click the button below to listen to a podcast of the radio show "Breaking the Silence" where we were recently invited guests. It was a wonderful experience with the host, Dr. Gregory Williams, that gave us the opportunity to share about why we do what we do.


Upcoming Training & Summer Conference

We are in conversation with our conference hosts about the different options for the summer conference as well as the 2-Day SEL & Wellness training we have scheduled for April at the Berlin Resort in Amish country. With this being uncharted territory for everyone, we are being diligent in gathering information and devising potential alternatives as best we can. We will be in communication as soon as possible with further information.

Our best to you for peace, health, & safety,

Joe & Dardi

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