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The National Wounded Student™ Certificate Program is designed to give you the latest research, tools, assessments, references, and practical ideas to understand the effects of trauma on learning and behavior as well as work with wounded youth in your organizational setting (schools, teams, youth organizations/clubs, churches, foster care system, etc).  You will be guided through an original model for understanding, reaching, and positioning wounded children to experience transformation in their lives developed by Dr. Joe Hendershott. This course utilizes Joe's book 7 Ways to Transform The Lives of Wounded Students (Reaching the Wounded Student is recommended, but optional).  The cost of registration for the certificate program is normally $299, but we are adjusting the registration cost to $99 for the time-being (discount will be automatically applied during registration).  Links for purchasing the books can be found HERE.  **Enter code HEN17 to receive a discount on the book for the course (available as both paperback and e-book).  If you are interested in receiving the optional graduate credit, please see the details below about cost and registration.  Here's what people are saying about the course:

"The flexibility with this course is a lifesaver!" Patty B.

"In the opening chapter of '7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students,' you ask three key questions about leadership. I wish I had these three questions posed to me years ago when I began my journey in my career. Questions about ethical leadership prompted me to examine my own motivation and energy to address possibly the number one public health crisis that our nation faces--toxic stress for our children and its impact on their brain and ability to learn." Tim N.

"This isn't just a bunch of dry information. This course made me think about now and the future for myself and my students. I like having the books that I can go back to for guidance and inspiration. Dr. H knows his stuff." Ronald L.

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GRADUATE CREDIT NOW AVAILABLE!!   One graduate credit is available for the National Reaching the Wounded Student Certificate Program through Mount Vernon Nazarene University for an additional fee.  Please click the link below to be directed to MVNU's website to register and pay for the credit only, which is an additional $175.  Please note that enrollment and payment for the course only is still done through our website by clicking above.  

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Dr. Hendershott is establishing a national reputation in his field.  He draws on his practical experiences as a teacher and administrator in various educational settings as well as his research to give him a unique and credible vantage point on this topic.  Dr. Hendershott has been a teacher in a juvenile corrections facility and a principal at a residential treatment facility, alternative schools, and inner city high schools.  His experiences and research led to the release of two books to date:  Reaching the Wounded Student and 7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students.  He has also contributed articles to educational journals and online forums.  His work has been recognized through several awards including the National Crystal Star Award through the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network at Clemson University, which recognizes outstanding work in the area of dropout prevention and intervention.

Personally, Dr. Hendershott has been a licensed foster parent and is an adoptive father, which has given him increased motivation and passion for understanding wounded children.  All of these experiences combined give participants in this program a unique lens to view wounded children through and a philosophy for developing doable strategies for reaching the wounded children in their midst.

Hope 4 the Wounded Keynote Speaking

What You'll learn....

Participants that successfully complete all five modules will be awarded a certificate reflecting 16 hours of training on the topic of working with wounded youth and trauma-informed practices.  In addition, participants will walk away with the following content and strategies:

  • Understanding the Difference between “At-Risk” and “Wounded”
  • Developing a Common Team Goal/Mission Statement
  • The Effects of Trauma on Learning and Behaviors
  • Relationship Building with Wounded Students
  • Keeping the Main Focus Student Achievement
  • Alternative Discipline for Lowering Suspensions/Expulsions
  • Building Social-Emotional Skills for Academic Success
  • The Role of Empathy
  • Hendershott Model for Reaching Wounded Students

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