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Welcome to Hope 4 The Wounded.  We'd like to invite you to explore our website community where educators, advocates, and community professionals alike can find support for reaching wounded children/people as well as your own self-care and wellness needs through a variety of inspiration, encouragement, and how-to's for doable, research-backed, practitioner-developed trauma-informed practices and wellness strategies. We have a variety of free offerings, information about scheduling speaking or professional development based on our H.O.P.E. Curriculum, as well as online courses for certificate hours or graduate credit.  

New H.O.P.E. Curriculum

A Comprehensive Framework 4 Trauma-Informed Learning & Wellness

People have been asking us for years about a curriculum, but we've hesitated to just throw something together.  Let's be real:  a) Not our style (but we are listening!) and b) Educators are some of the most discerning people we know! Now that our new book was released in February of 2020 addressing educator wellness, we feel like we truly have all the necessary pieces & resources for a doable, comprehensive approach to creating trauma-informed cultures with an emphasis on wellness.  Here are a few of the things we've been passionate about in formalizing our training and resources into this curriculum:

  • Latitude¬†(scope for freedom of action or thought)
  • Autonomy¬†(self-directing freedom)
  • Practitioner-Developed & Reviewed¬†(Joe has 30+ years in education, and we have been intentional with getting input from practitioners currently in the field to provide a doable, meaningful framework)
  • Sustainable¬†(the capacity to endure in an ongoing way...We know the demands are high for your time, energy, and attention, so the last thing you need is something that feels too complicated to integrate into the fabric of everyday life)

These are a few of the things that make this curriculum unique, but here's another:  There are lots of great programs out there geared toward changing behaviors, but our goal is to look at belief systems.  If a person doesn't have H.O.P.E., they will not benefit from any well-intentioned initiative for behavior or self-care (yes, this is absolutely for the grown-ups, too).  AND...the practical nature of this curriculum makes it adaptable to any people-serving setting. Click below or contact us for an overview of the curriculum and various training options.

Download H.O.P.E. Collaboration Options & Info


People who choose to work with marginalized populations and positively impact the trajectory of their lives through education, interactions, and programming are Warriors. We want to encourage you as you fight to bring HOPE.


The needs of "your people" are ever-evolving.  There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to reaching wounded children/people, so we have created a curriculum & resources to support you in your setting and as needs change. You decide what might work best, and we provide you with the tools for implementation.


We want to empower you in your quest to be the difference for others while at the same time, becoming the best version of you!  You'll find inspiration and empowerment from us and from other professionals in periodic, quick-read blog posts.  Feel free to contact us with topics of interest!

21-Question Survey on Empathy, Wounded Students, & Education

Hope 4 The Wounded provides this free survey tool to utilize personally or within your organization to begin identifying areas of strength and areas for growth. A scale is also provided for your reference.  If you have any questions or would like to pursue further training for your organization, please let us know!

Download 21-Question Empathy Survey Free

Hope 4 The Wounded Co-Founders

Dr. Joe Hendershott

Joe Hendershott, Ed.D., is a sought-after speaker about the effects of trauma on learning and behaviors & working with wounded students™.  As founder of Hope 4 The Wounded, he also provides consulting, staff training, online courses, & has authored three books:  Reaching The Wounded Student, 7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students, and most recently co-authored with his wife, Dardi,  Supporting the Wounded Educator: A Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Self-Care to round out a comprehensive, practitioner-developed approach to social-emotional learning & trauma-informed practices. Joe has over thirty years in education and is the recipient of the 2015 National Crystal Star Award for dropout prevention & the 2016 Bixler Award, which recognizes excellence in education.  His ongoing research, practical experiences as both a teacher and administrator, his authentic sharing of being a wounded child himself, and his personal experiences as an adoptive father give him a unique perspective that is engaging, thought-provoking, and inspiring.


Dardi Hendershott

Dardi Hendershott is co-founder of Hope 4 The Wounded, LLC and co-author of Supporting the Wounded Educator: A Trauma-Sensitive Approach to Self-Care with husband, Joe. Dardi is a certified health and wellness coach, a trained and formerly licensed therapeutic foster/adoptive parent, and a huge advocate for professionals seeking to find balance in their lives. Dardi has become a sought-after speaker and coach for teams of professionals desiring to enhance their life and job satisfaction while contributing to healthy work cultures. She has been a featured presenter at conferences (most recently the NYAR Conference in Savannah, GA, and the National Making Schools Work Conference in Grapevine, TX), for school and corporate organizations, with faith-based audiences, parents, and with undergraduate and graduate students at universities. Dardi's comprehensive, authentic approach to self-care has been appreciated by audiences from all professions and walks of life. Her passion is to equip, empower, and encourage people with HOPE through a trauma-sensitive lens toward overall health and wellness.

Our Inspiration

At the root of our passion for bringing HOPE 4 the wounded is our family.  Our children, and now grandchildren, are the source of our joy and inspiration.  They make us brave and spur our desire to bring HOPE into our communities.  Our oldest four adult children are educators themselves, one son is in college, and our four youngest children cover the elementary, middle, and high school grade levels.  Through them, our professional endeavors are very personal as we continue to witness every day the powerful influence of educators and other professionals in the lives of our children.  During a time in our world where there's too much division and uncertainty, we believe our schools and community organizations are where we are going to establish connection and HOPE that we can build upon.  

Warriors of Hope

Some of our Warriors of Hope from across the globe...We are honored to know every one of you!


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