Start Pulling the Weeds

A couple weekends ago, I had the chance to hop on a flight last-minute to celebrate our first granddaughter's first birthday.  The weather in Ohio was crummy, so a quick escape to Florida sounded fabulous, even more so to see the sunshine that is our sweet Noah-girl.

I remember thinking in the midst of the mental to-do list, "I need to start working on the flowerbeds, but it can wait until I get back because it's so cold."  Upon returning to Ohio, I was dismayed because not only was it cold, IT WAS SNOWING ON APRIL 21st!!!  I was even more dismayed because the dang weeds taking up residence in the flowerbeds didn't get the memo that they shouldn't be growing flourishing in cold weather.  And after a few warmer days, they looked like they were on steroids.  How bad could it be, you ask?

Oh friends, this is just the beginning.  I added two more full bags after I took this picture and each bag weighed 30-40 lbs.  And I'm not done yet.  All...

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